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Nonetheless passive and for the main half uncontrollable, present structures meant to make sure the reliability and sturdiness of engineering buildings are nonetheless of their developmental infancy. they can not make corrections or recondition fabrics, and such a lot fabric and structural mess ups can't be anticipated. Accidents-and catastrophes-result.Physics of energy and Fracture regulate: model of Engineering fabrics and constructions introduces a brand new actual inspiration within the technological know-how of the resistance of fabrics to exterior results, an idea that opens thoroughly new avenues for bettering the energy and defense of engineered items. according to a thermodynamic equation of country of solids derived through the writer, the technique offers a normal method for treating all of the actual and mechanical houses of fabrics, despite their nature and actual nation. the writer exhibits that this strategy permits the keep an eye on of the stressed-deformed country either to avoid disasters and fractures and to advertise them for simpler shaping of fabrics. He makes use of this technique to give and talk about non-traditional yet useful methods of fixing real-world problems.Of huge, immense theoretical and useful value, this groundbreaking paintings ushers in a brand new level within the technology of fabric power. It opens the door to systematic how one can layout fabrics, keep an eye on their working homes, and expect their habit lower than particular working stipulations.

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A material point rotating on a symmetrical trajectory (circumference or ellipse). The elliptical shape of molecular orbits leads to interrelated displacements of nuclei of elements Fe and C, which can be considered oscillatory only to the first approximation. 4 such movement is marked by a horizontal arrow. The material point oscillating due to a quasielastic force is called an oscillator. Thus, the interatomic bond is a system of the spatial set of elliptical rotators (electrons) and one paired oscillator (nuclei Fe and C).

17) where α = Σ in=1ei ( 4πε 0 ) is the configuration factor formed by charges of nuclei 1 and 2 and valent electrons in a space with dielectric permittivity ε0 as the vector sum of the electric fields generated by each separate charge. In other words, the charge of many particles is equal to the sum of charges of all particles and does not depend on their relative locations and motions. , oscillating rotator, which is as stable as an individual atom. This system consists of two massive nuclei, 1 and 2, and three charges: two positive spotlike charges and one negative charge distributed around them on the electron orbits.

In such a field, the momentum is normal to radius vector R, which connects the center of the field with each of the electron orbits. The momentum forming due to the closedloop motion of the nuclei compensates for the total momentum of all molecular electrons. Therefore, in mutual motion of electrons and nuclei, the law of constant momentum is fulfilled: M = const. This law plays a decisive role in formation of the mechanical properties of solids. 3 shows a plane projection of the spatial electron orbits; thus the value and direction of the overall momentum M are conditional.

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