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Advent: MakingPlacesBodies-HEIDI J. NAST and STEVE PILE

PART 1: FilteringPlacesBodies
2 Queer(y)ing globalization-J.K. GIBSON-GRAHAM
3 Bodies-cities-ELIZABETH GROSZ
4 Human.language.machine-KEN HILLIS
6 The physique as “place”: reflexivity and fieldwork in Kano, Nigeria-HEIDI J. NAST

PART 2: ConfiningPlacesBodies
7 Harem: colonial fiction and architectural fantasm in turn-of-the-century France-EMILY APTER
8 Dancing in the dead of night: the inscription of blackness in Le Corbusier’s Radiant City-MABEL O. WILSON
9 The South African physique politic: house, race and heterosexuality-GLEN S. ELDER
10 the home behind-KAREN BERMANN

PART three: ExcessingPlacesBodies
11 past nomadism: the commute narratives of a “cripple”-MICHAEL L. DORN
12 Encountering Mary: ritualization and position contagion in postmodernity-ANGELA ok. MARTIN and SANDRA KRYST
13 Perverse hope: the entice of the mannish lesbian-TERESA DE LAURETIS
14 interpreting the sexed our bodies and areas of gyms-LYNDA JOHNSTON
15 girls and gents: teach rides and different Oedipal stories-VIRGINIA L. BLUM

PART four: ProjectingPlacesBodies
16 Inscribing family paintings on Filipina bodies-GERALDINE PRATT in collaboration with the PHILIPPINE ladies CENTRE, VANCOUVER, CANADA
17 Mapped our bodies and disembodied maps: (dis)placing cartographic fight in colonial Canada-MATTHEW SPARKE
18 Embodying the city Maori warrior-GREGORY A. WALLER
19 intercourse, violence and the elements: male hysteria, scale and the fractal geographies of patriarchy-CHRISTOPHER LUKINBEAL and STUART C.AITKEN
20 Written at the physique: eroticism, loss of life and hagiography-GIULIANA BRUNO


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A body that is permeable, that transmits in a circuit, that opens itself up rather than seals itself off, that is prepared to respond as well as to initiate, that does not revile its masculinity…or virilize it…would involve a quite radical rethinking of male sexual morphology. (Grosz 1994:201) Queering globalization/“the universality of intercourse” Rethinking capitalist morphology in order to liberate economic development from the hegemonic grasp of capitalist identity is indeed a radical project.

No telos governs and completes it. Self-realization is not its trajectory. 15 Such a body is undoubtedly queer. And just like the queer economy, where things don’t line up and come together, where the market and the commodity do not necessarily signify capitalism and capitalism does not necessarily signify dominance, the queer body is a place of uncertainty and possibility. Gender, for example, does not necessarily accord with male or female embodiment, clothing, object choice, preferences for certain organs and orifices (or neither), identification, forms of dominance, self-presentation and manner (feminine or effeminate), SM top or bottom, or even with itself.

In a “deconstructive turn,” the subordinated terms of these oppositions take their rightful place at the very heart of the dominant ones. Among other things, my recent work has involved a kind of turning inside out and outside in of the sexed body, questioning how the subject’s exteriority is psychically constructed, and conversely, how the processes of social inscription of the body’s surface construct for it a psychical interior. In other words, I have attempted to problematize the opposition between the inside and the outside by looking at the outside of the body from the point of view of the inside, and looking at the inside of the body from the point of view of the outside, thus re-examining and questioning the distinction between biology and culture, exploring the way in which culture constructs the biological order in its own image, the way in which the psychosocial simulates and produces the body as such.

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