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I'll Seize the Day Tomorrow

Jonathan Goldstein concerns. A lot.

A yr prior to his 40th birthday, and Jonathan isn't the place he thinks he can be. with out spouse, no childrens, no automobile, and no house—not even a houseboat—what does he have?

Through a chain of splendidly humorous tales, Jonathan recounts the highs and lows of his final yr in his thirties, weighing in on subject matters corresponding to the mysterious McRib, no matter if an automated hand dryer can inform when you've got a soul, and the underestimated strength of a toy poodle. jam-packed with Jonathan's trademark wit, I'll grab the Day the next day to come is the story of 1 man's trip to discover a few nice fact on his highway to 40 . . . or even no longer.

The Million Dollar Policeman

Considered one of a sequence of comedy/science fiction novels that includes slow-witted detective Frank Burly, through John Swartzwelder, the author of fifty nine episodes of The Simpsons.

(Unfortunately, no plot precis to be had anyplace i will locate. I'll write one after I've learn it. )

The North Dakota Joke Book

''Do you recognize what the professional tree of North Dakota is? '' a guy requested lately, sidling as much as an unsuspecting customer in an area tavern. ''No? It's a cell pole. ''

Mike Dalton, a disk jockey for radio station KQDI in nice Falls, Mont. Mr. Dalton has assembled what he says is the world's biggest number of North Dakota jokes in 5 paperback books known as, properly, ''Mike Dalton's North Dakota comic story Books. ''
His funny story Books Have bought 25,000 Copies

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The Anatomy of Harpo Marx

The Anatomy of Harpo Marx is a luxuriant, distinctive play-by-play account of Harpo Marx's actual hobbies as captured on monitor. Wayne Koestenbaum courses us during the 13 Marx Brothers motion pictures, from The Cocoanuts in 1929 to like satisfied in 1950, to target Harpo's leader and but heretofore unexplored attribute—his profound and contradictory corporeality.

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He hadn’t left me, after all. Once again he was standing at the side of my bed. He had his back to me as he spoke to someone on a walkie-talkie. “Subject is roughly five-six, slim, straight brown hair, hazel eyes—mostly green. ” He paused. “Uh, really full lips. Small scar on left shoulder. ” Who the hell was “subject”? I wondered groggily. Me? It sounded like me. Maybe creatures of the otherworld preferred to keep things all-business. “Subject has stopped writhing, and her skin is no longer tinted green.

I shivered. My gaze swept over him once more. ) around his biceps. Obviously, he worked out. A lot. His shoulders were wide, his back broad and his ass total, quarter-bouncing perfection. I bet even Sherridan’s twins couldn’t compare. ” I asked, my voice weak and raw. I’d put my money on the devil. ) God had probably banned me from heaven months ago, when I filled my ex the Prince of Darkness’s apartment with rotten fish while he vacationed with the girl he’d dumped me for. (One rotten fish for another, you could say.

Hey, back,” I said, but kept my gaze on the customer and pretended to listen to her order. I loved when Sherridan visited me here. Technically, employees were discouraged from having guests, but lately it was the only time we spent together. ” She spoke over the frowning customer. ” She clapped her hands in excitement. ” Months had passed since I’d even thought the word, so it was foreign on my tongue. ” I asked my customer. “With twins,” Sherridan said proudly. ” “Yes,” the customer said through tight lips.

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