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By Michael J. Murphy

This choice of brief funny and center warming tales written by means of psychologist-dad will make grandparents reminisce approximately parenting, remind mom and dad to treasure every one second with their young ones, and parents-to-be examine their very own early life.

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If Aaron had his way, everyone, all the boys and all the girls, and not just the girls he hated but even the one girl he thought was really pretty, would know that Isaac was a jacket burner. This was a serious problem. Aaron, of course, seized his moment of power and assured Isaac that he would indeed tell everybody, most particularly that special someone. Yes, they would know, they would all know in detail that Isaac was an unrecovered jacket burner, and he himself would display the evidence. Touché.

Research has shown that frequent laughter improves the functioning of the immune system; Norman Cousins in his well-known book Anatomy of an Illness describes how he shook off an immunological disorder by subjecting himself to repeated showings of Laurel and Hardy and Abbott and Costello movies. The laughing cure, it's called. But during our recent ticklefest Aaron pulled himself away and his face assumed a serious cast. He raised a small hand to my cheek. "Daddy," he said, knitting his brow, "do you ever cry?

Isaac responded, "Oh, Dad," without interrupting his fingers' dance across the keys. "I just sent him down to ask you that so I could play by myself for a while. " At this he shook his head, somehow never removing his eyes from the screen. I looked at Isaac for a moment. He blithely continued playing. Then I turned to Aaron. "Hey, Aaron," I said. " "Know that," he answered instantly. " "Sure it is. " I scooped up the controller and squeezed in beside Isaac. Sometimes there are things a father just has to do.

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