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However, commercially available, electrically based, digital logic speeds today are of the order of 1 billion operations per second. This can and probably will change in the future as device technology continues to progress. But, let us talk in terms of today. TDM is really speed limited when it comes to fiber optic cable. It can not provide a composite link speed to take full advantage of the tremendous bandwidth presented by fiber optic cable. This is not just particular to the premises environment it also applies to the WAN environment.

The data streams from these terminals are collected by the multiplexer. The streams are combined and then sent on a single cable to another multiplexer located near the multi-user computer. This second multiplexer separates out the individual terminal data streams and provides each to its dedicated port. The connection going from the computer to the terminals is similarly handled. The six cables shown in Figure 3-3 has been replaced by the single composite link cable shown in Figure 3-4. Cable cost has been significantly reduced.

The two Model 273's effect the communication from/to all these devices by using just one fiber optic cable that can be as long as 2 km. Figure 3-6: Model 273 realizing time division multiplexed data communications to a mainframe computer through its FEP. 41 When dealing with copper to fiber connections, an interface converter such as the Model 272A provides the capability of performing an interface conversion between full duplex, RS-422 signals and their equivalent for fiber optic transmission.

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