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By Stuart A. Boyer

Supervisory keep watch over and knowledge acquisition (SCADA) expertise has advanced during the last 30 years as a mode of tracking and controlling huge methods. This newly revised reference ebook bargains overviews of SCADA's part applied sciences, in addition to info essential to comprehend the large photo. SCADA approaches disguise components that could be measured within the hundreds of thousands of sq. miles, and feature dimensions which may be hundreds of thousands, sometimes hundreds of thousands, of miles lengthy. Now a mature expertise, SCADA contains, yet isn't restricted to, software program applications that may be integrated in a bigger procedure. After finishing its 14 self-study devices, readers might be conversant with SCADA nomenclature and structure, comprehend the elemental expertise of the system's construction blocks, comprehend its boundaries, know how it might profit specific operations, and feature a foundation for choosing acceptable SCADA applied sciences for his or her operational specifications.

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A random variable on (0, oF, P) is an oF-measurable map x: 0 --+ X. A real random variable x: 0 --+ IR is integrable if the expectation EP(lxl) is finite. For each r > 0, the set of all random variables whose rth power is integrable is denoted L' = L'(O, oF, P). A process x(·) is P-almost surely continuous if the set 0' of all ro's for which x(·, ro) is continuous has measure one, P(O') = 1. For convenience we let L 0 = L 0(0, oF, P) be the set of all random variables. We say that a sequence x,,: 0 --+ IR, n ~ 1, converges to x in probability if for all e > 0, P( 1x" - x I ~ e) --+ 0 as n i 00.

Exercise. Let XO be controllable to zero. Show that S(XO) is finite. Conclude that (A, B) controllable implies S(XO) is finite for all xo. 6. Exercise. Show that S(XO) =F 0 iff XO is observable from zero. Conclude that (A, C) is observable iff S(XO) # 0 for all xO # o. Thus when (A, B, C) is minimal, 0 < S(XO) < +00 whenever XO =F O. We now define a crucial concept: a function cp: en -+ [0, +00] is proper if for any sequence ofstates Xl' X2' ... tending to 00, IXkl-+ +00, one has CP(Xk) -+ +00.

Suppose now that v*Q(w)v = 0 for some wand some nonzero v. 11, iw is a pole of 1+ G#(s). This implies that iw is an eigenvalue of A, which by assumption cannot hold. Thus G(s) is strictly bounded real. We show now that (A, C) is observable. 11), x*K = 0 and so x = O. 7 implies that (A, C) is observable. 17. 6. 4, B, C). 4, B, C). 19, Kl = K 2. Thus Al = A + BB*K 1 = A + BB*K 2 = A 2. This shows that the map is a bijection. 10). D In closing, it should be pointed out that property (ii) in the definition of bounded real is, up to a scale factor, implied by property (i), as the following exercise shows.

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