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By Kurt Ament

  • "The publication is a simple learn and is chock packed with suggestions and guidelines." -Ann Rockley


, Pages ix-xi

, Pages xiii-xv
Chapter 1 - approximately unmarried sourcing

, Pages 1-22
Chapter 2 - development documents

, Pages 23-45
Chapter three - Structuring content

, Pages 47-147
Chapter four - Configuring language

, Pages 149-179
Chapter five - Leveraging technology

, Pages 181-201

, Pages 203-208

, Pages 209-230

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TIP For related guidelines, see the following sections: ■ “Captions” on page 51 ■ “Figures” on page 74 Cross-references 57 Cross-referencing glossaries In the body of a document, cross-reference terms defined in the glossary. In the glossary itself, build “see” and “see also” references between terms. Cross-referencing glossary terms in text In online documents, build cross-references from technical terms used in content modules (for example, procedures and topics) to their definitions in your glossary.

Verifying module organization Make sure primary and secondary modules are organized properly: TIP ■ Primary modules Make sure each type of primary module is organized into a distinct section of your single-source document. For guidelines, see “Segregating primary modules” on page 31. ■ Secondary modules Make sure each secondary module is properly integrated into a primary module. For guidelines, see “Integrating secondary modules” on page 30. Module edits do not replace document edits. Once you assemble edited input modules into output documents, edit each output document.

Captions are titles to figures and tables. Include caption numbers in print. Do not include caption numbers online. Describe figures from the system perspective or the user perspective. Describe tables from the system perspective only. Cross-references . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Cross-references link the modules that make up a document. In printed documents, include page numbers in cross-references. In online documents, hyperlink cross-references.

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