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Set within the blood-drenched chaos of Beerlight, "a blown circuit, the place to kill a guy was once much less a homicide than a mannerism," Dante Cubit and his pill-popping sidekick, the Entropy child, waltz into First nationwide financial institution with a few severe angle and a pair of snub weapons. Murderous, trigger-happy law enforcement officials, led by means of the doughnut-chomping redneck police leader, arrive in strength, firing indiscriminately into the gang collected outdoor. hand over or catch is out of the query. Dante's loved, the murderous murderer Rosa keep watch over — packing a not-so-small arsenal — prowls the streets, attempting to engineer her man's get away. Will Dante slip earlier the forces of corruption and ailment to affix his Rosa? What occurs subsequent is a tangled mess of truth and digital fact.

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But this was an already exhausted echo of the plea for area studies to meet the challenges of the cold war in the years immediately after 1945. Yet it was precisely this division of intellectual labor marking area studies—their service to the state and business and even to foreign governments—that discouraged the discussion of an integrated knowl- 32 tracking the dinosaur edge of the area and instead encouraged its continued partitioning and fragmenting. The importance of Hall’s study, a model for subsequent surveys, is that it prefigured all future efforts to transfer scholarly and pedagogical considerations to the problem of funding area studies programs.

Any critique must now be positioned not inside or outside the “West,” since the West can no longer be thought of as a dominant geographical concept structuring the non-West. 10 Owing to its obsessive desire to identify with native knowledge, the practice of area studies risks strangely being linked to more recent efforts to elevate identity and cultural difference as the true vocation of cultural studies seeking to succeed the study of the area. The irony of 42 tracking the dinosaur this move comes with the recognition that area studies have historically sought to separate the study of the home country from its immigrant and diasporic inflections.

As for the significant but missed opportunity, it is important to say here that the indifference of area studies to Said’s strategic observation meant that they remained locked in their own enclaves of knowledge. The mission of rethinking regions outside Europe, 48 tracking the dinosaur that is, what had become known as the Third World, passed to English studies and the humanities, privileging the textual over the social scientific and the role played by the political economic, even though they shared the older discipline’s preoccupation with culture.

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