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4 A water reservoir at the top of a hill is a typical example of potential (hydraulic) energy. Another example of potential energy is a bent bow, ready to shoot an arrow. e. entirely described by its magnitude without a direction as a ‘vector’) energy the system possesses due to its velocity in relation to a reference system. Work and heat are forms of energy transfer between a physical system and its surrounding without mass transfer. Mechanical energy: work, kinetic energy and potential energy Work is a term frequently used in everyday language (‘let’s go to work’); however, it has a special meaning in terms of energy systems.

A more recent example is the soil degradation and desertification observed in some areas of Africa, due to the use of fuelwood as a source of energy. For a more detailed timeline, see Annex 1. The energy–development connection has also been studied, albeit in a very simplified way: development has been considered as the capacity of an economy to support an increase in its gross domestic product (GDP) – an indicator widely employed by economists as a gross measure of the general welfare of a population.

After the movement is started, however, the force necessary to maintain the movement becomes smaller, but not null. 02_Energy Environ_003-034 4 26/10/09 12:17 Page 4 Energy, Environment and Development Concept of energy In order to live and move, a human being needs to overcome the attraction exerted by the Earth on all objects. Moreover, there are other obstacles to movement, as is the case with friction. 1 Its definition is operational, allowing measurement and calculation procedures, without answering its real nature.

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