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By Margaret Ronald

a few humans have the Sight. Genevieve Scelan has the odor.

They name her ''Hound,'' and along with her precise supernatural feel Evie can song approximately anything—lost keys, vanished family members heirlooms . . . even lacking humans. And even though she understands to stick out of the mystical undercurrent that runs underneath Boston's ancient streets, a dead night cell name from a long-vanished lover will break the cautious barriers she has drawn. Now, to pay a years-old debt, Evie needs to enterprise into the shadowy global that lies among fantasy and fact, the place she's going to locate betrayal, conspiracies, and revelations that may shatter all she believes approximately herself and town she claims as domestic.

whilst the quest is on, the Hound needs to run . . .

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It’s just a trick I can—” “Christ. You’re a blood-worker. ” “My own what? ” He rolled to his feet. ” He stomped up to me and leaned in close to my face. Whatever he saw there made some of the fear go out of him, though he was no less angry. “Jesus. You really don’t. ” I yelled. Frank didn’t even hear me. “—some stupid bitch who’s got God’s own luck to stay out of it all—Jesus, how did you escape them? They track magic, they knew when I started—I can’t believe you did that, do you know how hard it’s been?

Except that you couldn’t do major magic without your locus close by, and not an adept in a thousand is stupid enough to carry his loci around where they might be endangered, and even if 58 MARGARET RONALD Corrigan had had a locus it wouldn’t have worked because magic takes time, dammit, time and— “. . power. ” I snapped out of my reverie, my skin prickling with gooseflesh. “Yes. ” “I said, it has to do with what kind of power base you got. ” I glanced back; they’d scored a run while I’d been zoned out.

You can talk to Will, see if he’s got anything on the McDermots or on Corrigan—not that I wanted to think about Corrigan just now—you can talk to some people you used to know, and it’ll be one step back from the edge. One step 52 MARGARET RONALD closer to shore . . even if you’ll be closer to a different edge. So I pulled on a shirt that wasn’t too rumpled, stuffed the flyaway bits of my braid back into place, and walked over to the South End. It had gotten humid, muggy with that staticky scent that promises a thunderstorm, and by the time I reached the address, my shirt was sticky again.

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