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SS-Hitlerjugend КНИГИ ;ВОЕННАЯ ИСТОРИЯ Издательство: Spellmount LtdЯзык: EnglishISBN: 1-86267-193-3Формат: pdfРазмер: 70.7 mbRapid sixty eight

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And May 1918, 15 night raids (of 19) penetrated to the capital. ' These raids, particularly two daylight raids on London (13 June and 7 July), accelerated review of the British air program, transforming it from an interservice issue into a political question of considerable public interest. 36 BRITISH BOMBING BEGINS After more than a year of procrastination, the Lloyd George government reacted with all possible speed to resolve its chronic difficulties with the military and naval air services .

Documentation contained in the postwar bombing surveys simply fails to support the wartime reports. The widespread opinion that one major effect of the French and British air raids was to "compel" Germany to commit aviation assets to home defense makes sense only if strategic bombing is analyzed in uacuo. " This support has been demolished by recent research into the surviving logs and records of the German interceptor squadrons assigned to defend the fatherland . In fact, the German home defense system (Heimatlufschutz) was first constructed because of French air raids which had been going on since 1915, and were to continue, albeit erratically, throughout the war.

61 On 23 January 1917, according to this map, nine bombs (out of 40 dropped) fell on Burbach, mainly in its southwest sector . The American group's findings agreed with the British data. Moreover, the American survey included a narrative description of the points of impact and the damage caused . Raid No. Date No . of Bombs 6 23/1/17 9 Place and Kind of Damage Fell near smelting furnace no. 3, in the steel works, near the foundry, in the Modeling shed and on the port on the Saar, damaging a large water reservoir, different roofs and sheds and also the tracks .

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