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3 The inlet pressure to the pump shall not exceed the pump manufacturer's recommended maximum inlet pressure. 4 When the pump output has the potential to exceed the system flow requirements, a means to relieve the excess flow such as an unloader valve or orifice shall be provided. 2. 2 There shall be no valve between the outlet of the safety relief valve and its connection to the system. 4 Water Mist Positive Displacement Pumping Units. 4* Relief Valves for Water Mist Pumps. 1 Water mist positive displacement pumping units shall be dedicated to and listed as a unit for fire protection service.

4 The distance between the bottom of the strainer and the bottom of the wet pit shall be at least one-half of the pump bowl diameter but not less than 12 in. (305 mm). 3 Well Construction. 1 It shall be the responsibility of the groundwater supply contractor to perform the necessary groundwater investigation to establish the reliability of the supply, to develop a well to produce the required supply, and to perform all work and install all equipment in a thorough and workmanlike manner. 1 , the well shall be of ample diameter and sufficiently plumb to receive the pump.

15 ft/sec (46 mm/sec). 3 The test shall be witnessed by a representative of the customer, contractor, and authority having jurisdiction, as required. 8 The screen shall be made of a corrosion- and acidresistant material, such as stainless steel or Monel. 4 The test shall be continuous for a period of at least 8 hours at 150 percent of the rated capacity of the fire pump with 15-minute-interval readings over the period of the test. 5 The test shall be evaluated with consideration given to the effect of other wells in the vicinity and any possible seasonal variation in the water table at the well site.

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