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By Allan B. Cobb

Provides technology initiatives that exhibit evidence approximately oceans, together with the water cycle, buoyancy, density, strain, intensity, waves, and tides.

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How do these shells, sometimes many feet away from the water's edge, get to the shore? It is all because of the tides. The tides are the regular rise and fall of the sea level. At high tide, the water comes farthest onto the beach. At low tide, the water is at its lowest point on the beach. Earth as seen from the moon Tides are caused by the gravitational pull of the moon on the oceans. The moon's gravity pulls the water in the oceans toward the moon. Gravity is the force that causes objects to move toward one another.

2 Fill the topless bottle with sand to a depth of about 4 inches (10 cm). #3 Pour water into the bottle. The water should disappear into the sand. It won't remain separate or float on top of it. Page 10 #4 Place the bottom from the other bottle on top of the topless bottle. Place the ice cubes in the bottom of the upper bottle. #5 Place the bottles near a strong lamp or in direct sunlight. Analyzing Your Results #1 Why did you put the bottles near a strong lamp or in direct sunlight? #2 Where did the water that formed on the topless bottle come from?

Great Salt Lake Great Salt Lake in Utah is the remains of a much older body of water. Because most of the water has evaporated, it is very salty. Do you think it is easier to float in Great Salt Lake than in other lakes? Page 18 For Further Investigation Put a plastic film canister in the jar. Does it sink or float? Add sand to make the film canister heavier. Can you make it stay suspended in the water so that it neither sinks nor floats? How? Page 19 3 Water Density You have proved that water exerts a buoyant force that causes objects to float or sink.

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