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By Duncan Crow

3-й выпуск серии английского изд-ва Profile courses. Посвящён танкам Marks I-V

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The bomb had fallen in the grounds of the building, not fifty yards away. Hundreds of windows had been shattered.... ' North of the Thames there were two main concentrations of bombs, one on an east-west line across Haggerston and Dalston where nine 12kg explosive bombs fell, and another running north-west across Islington towards Hampstead Heath. In Dalston two bombs fell in Shrublands Road. One exploded in a back garden killing two children, William and Ethel Lee, who were in the kitchen with their parents.

That evening 11 Gothas of Kagohl 3 had set out although only five reached the capital. The third of these dropped its first bomb over Oxford Circus shortly before midnight and flew on a south-easterly course towards the Thames. The next three bombs all fell close to the Strand. ' A passenger on the double-decker, A. E. single-decker shunted on to our lines. Then we followed closely along behind it'. As Buckle proceeded along Victoria Embankment, the sound of the exploding bombs near the Strand reached him and he accelerated, but just as he passed Cleopatra's Needle (2) a 50kg bomb exploded on the pavement between the tram and the ancient monument.

63 (Training) Squadron Sopwith Pup fired off 55 rounds before receiving a head wound. He attempted to get back to Joyce Green airfield but lost control, crashed and died. BELOW A historic photograph showing the 21 Gothas of the Englandgeschwader that reached London on 7 July as they flew over Essex on their return flight. 32 the coast. Palethorpe's Vickers gun jammed but he kept up with the formation allowing James to engage three enemy aircraft with his Lewis gun. James fired off seven drums of ammunition in all and closing in to within 30 or 40 yards (27-37m) of one, he fired into it until it began to emit smoke.

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