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By Cal Howard, Jack Schiff

Adventures of Ozzie & Harriet was once an ongoing sequence according to The Adventures of Ozzie and Harriet radio exhibit franchise.

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Why do you bother me when I'm working? l don't come around when you're loading garbage and bug you. * * * Look, buddy, l get paid to make a fool of myself. You're doing it for nothing. 51 I had a suit like that until my dad got a job. * * * Is this a blind date or did you volunteer for it? * * * You have a pretty wife. You must have gotten married over the phone. * * * You heckled me 20 years ago. I never forget a suit * * * I was going to get a suit like that, but I bought a Hershey Bar instead.

The other players laughed until the dog started winning all the money. " The dog's owner said, "Well, he's not all that smart. " My brother was so dumb in school the teacher always made him lead off in the spelling bee. * * * A guy and his wife were sitting at the bar and a drunk let out a big belch right in the guy's wife's ear. " . " * * * The Bishop called the Pope and said "jesus is walking down the street right now. " * * * A farmer rolled his truck into a ditch injuring some of his stock.

ETHNIC HUMOR I believe that in this day and age much of our sensitivity is totally misdirected. Many of our new "hip" generation - whatever "hip" generation means - will listen to comedians scream the foulest obscenities and laugh wildly. However, if you tell a truly funny and clean ethnic joke, they act offended. They most likely fail to understand that it is merely a joke and not intended to hurt anyone. We all have different traits and should be able to laugh at ourselves. And so..... • A Polish guy was in a police lineup on a rape case.

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