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By Kevin Hetherington

The Badlands of Modernity deals a panoramic and unique interpretation of modernity because it emerged through the eighteenth century via an research of a few of an important social areas. Drawing on Foucault's research of heterotopia, or areas of exchange ordering, the ebook argues that modernity originates via an interaction among principles of utopia and heterotopia and heterotopic spatial practice.
The Palais Royal through the French Revolution, the masonic inn and in its courting to civil society and the general public sphere and the early factories of the economic Revolution are all obvious as heterotopia within which smooth social ordering is constructed. instead of seeing modernity as being outlined by way of a social order, the e-book argues that we have to take account of the methods and the ambiguous areas within which they emerge, if we're to appreciate the nature of recent societies.
The e-book makes use of those historic examples to examine modern questions on modernity and postmodernity, the nature of social order and the importance of marginal house in terms of problems with order, transgression and resistance. it is vital examining for sociologists, geographers and social historians in addition to an individual who has an curiosity in sleek societies.

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A place does not mean the same thing for one group of social agents as it does for another. In some cases something like a dominant ideology or hegemonic discourse of place is perceived (Lefebvre 1991) with the possibility for resistance left open within interstitial or marginal spaces and the opportunities they leave open for counter-hegemonic representations of space. Ideas of resistance and especially forms of transgression to the spatiality of 20 Margins, orderings and the laboratories 21 power have become a major interest within this field.

The Palais Royal was one form of ordering that agents found themselves in. It was a spatial context, socially and materially constituted, most significantly, for a short period of time in the late eighteenth century, through which a utopics of the modern was expressed as an alternative social ordering. That ordering was defined by activities that were not only transgressive and resistant but also revolutionary. Camille Desmoulins climbing up onto a table to deliver his speech, the ladies promenading in the gardens, the Comte de Sirrac startling the crowd as he zoomed about on his bicycle, and the crowd mobilizing to storm the Bastille, were all in this social ordering because it was something that they performed through their activities.

It is not just the question of the separation of centres and margins that it puts into doubt, but also the separation of order and resistance to it. It would be wrong, therefore, to see margins in themselves as the theme of my book. In focusing on the issues of freedom and order together rather than apart, I am interested in alternate spaces rather than margins—what I describe as heterotopia. Heterotopia are not margins in the sense that is conveyed above, but they are margins in the sense of the unbounded and blurred spacebetween rather than the easily identified space at the edge.

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