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In October 1984, the susceptible writing in a systematic document made nationwide information. The file, which defined defense approaches in the course of a nuclear assault, steered commercial employees "to don heavy outfits and immerse themselves in a wide physique of water." The common sense at the back of this recommendation used to be sound: Water is an efficient absorber of warmth, neutrons, and gamma rays. regrettably, the best way the recommendation used to be worded used to be doubtful. was once every body purported to com­e up for air? Be­ thoroughly submerged?

The writing conveyed the incorrect im­pression to the general public. The record came upon as announcing "go bounce in a lake" -- now not the effect you need to supply a person spending millions of greenbacks to fund your­ learn. likelihood is that Dan quite won't quote your records on nationwide tv. nonetheless, your writing is critical.

On a private point, your writing is the primary manner within which humans know about your paintings. in case you commu­nicate weIl, you obtain credits in your paintings. should you don't speak weIl, or are too gradual to communi­cate, the credits frequently is going to another person. On a bigger point, your writing and the writing of alternative scientists impression public coverage approximately technology and engineering.

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In a serious accident, the evolution of hydrogen may be so rapid that it produces an explosive hydrogen-air mixture in the reactor containment building. This mixture could breach the containment walls, allowing radiation to escape. To eliminate this danger, one proposed method is to ignite intentionally the hydrogen-air mixture at concentrations below those for which any serious damage might result. Although most work has a practical application, don't assume that you have to show a practical applica- 30 STRUCTURE: THE STRATEGY OF STYLE tion for all work.

For instance, unusual terms, such as KaIman filtering, are defined. After reading the informative summary, the audience would read the main text of the document to find out how the work was done, not what happened. Everything written in the informative summaryevery sentence and illustration-is either arepetition or condensation of something in the main text of the document. Because informative summaries are drawn from the main text of the document, they are the last section written. Typically, informative summaries are about 5 to 10 percent of a document' s length.

In a document such as a journal article, the back matter is usuaHy nothing more than a list of references. In a formal report, though, the back matter might contain several appendices, a glossary, an index, as weH as a bibliography. Writing Conclusion Sections. Readers have two expectations for the conclusion sections of a scientific document: an analysis of the key results from the document' s middle and a future perspective on the work. What' s the difference between the analysis in the conclusion sections and the analysis in the discussion?

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