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By Mr. K.

This e-book is just packed with any variety of soiled jokes. Designed for somebody who enjoys that kind of humor.

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Rting . g home to their convent from shopping. " 'I'HREE ••• A MAN walks into ajewelry store, whips out his dick, and places it on the counter. "I'm sorry sir," the woman behind the counter says. "This 1s a clock shop, not a cock shop. " 62 WHAT oo you get when you cross a Jehovah's Witness with an atheist? Someone who knocks on your door for no reason. " his grandpa asked. " ••• WHAT's the difference between "Oh" and "Ahhhhhl" About five inches. How do you know Ck>d is a. man? In five b1llion years, the planets haven't been rearranged.

Mother superior," the younger leprechaun seys. " The mother superior thinks for a. " the younger leprechaun asks. The mother superior thinks for second and answers, .. " the younger leprechaun asks. The mother superior ponders the question, then says, .. r as I know, there aren't any in this convent, county, or in this country. " The younger leprechaun says to his friend, "I told you you were fucking a. " 42 om Jesus say to Mary when he was on the cross? "Quick, get me some flats. " WHAT ••• oo people think Jesus Christ was Jewish?

Okay, asshole," the guys says to the frog. " II 11 ••• do dog shit and women have in common? The older they become the easier they are to pick W HAT up. ng to get away from their wives. But after two weeks, they need to take a break from each other. "I'll tell ya. what. y for a week, then come back to our campsite," one guy tells the other. " After one week on their own, they return to the campsite. " one guy asks. g more. ll. g from the stream. g more," the other guy s aid. ng out to make camp when I passed by these railroad tracks.

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