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By Harriet Beecher Stowe

From the writer of Uncle Tom's Cabin, a family comedy that examines slavery, Protestant theology, and gender adjustments in early America.

First released in 1859, Harriet Beecher Stowe's 3rd novel is determined in eighteenth-century Newport, Rhode Island, a neighborhood identified for its engagement in either spiritual piety and the slave alternate. Mary Scudder lives in a modest farmhouse together with her widowed mom an their boarder, Samuel Hopkins, a well-known Calvinist theologian who preaches opposed to slavery. Mary is in love with the passionate James Marvyn, yet Mary is religious and James is a skeptic, and Mary's mom opposes the union. James is going to sea, and whilst he's reportedly drowned, Mary is persuaded to develop into engaged to Dr. Hopkins.

With colourful characters, together with many in accordance with genuine figures, and a plot that hinges on romance, The Minister's Wooing combines comedy with neighborhood background to teach the convergence of way of life, slavery, and faith in post-Revolutionary New England.

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