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By Lionel Fanthorpe, Patricia Fanthorpe

It all started innocently adequate ... in 1795 3 boys stumbled on the head of an acient shaft on uninhabited Oak Island in Mahone Bay, Nova Scotia. the men started to dig, and what they exposed begun the world's maximum and stangest treasure hunt. 2 hundred years of braveness, back-breaking attempt, ingenuity, and engineering talents have to this point did not retrieve what's hid there. The Oak Island curse prophesies that the treasure should not stumbled on till seven males are lifeless and the final oak has fallen. That final oak has already long past - and through the years, six treasure hunters were killed. What can the treasure be? Theories contain Drake's plate and jewels, Captain Kidd's bloodstained pirate gold, a military payroll left there for safeguard by way of the French or British army engineers, useful historical manuscripts, the physique of an Arif or different spiritual refugee chief, the misplaced treasure of the Templars, and a part of the traditional, semi-legendary Acadian Treasure associated with the secret of Glozel and Rennes-le-Chateau in France. After years of study the authors have ultimately solved the sinister riddle of Oak Island, yet their resolution is not easy, debatable and nerve-racking. whatever past rate nonetheless lies ready within the labrinth.

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On a visit to Vaughan or Smith, senior, Lynds heard about the boys' adventures in 1795, went over to the island with them to look around and came away convinced. The third version places Lynds as a business visitor to Chester who met Anthony Vaughan there and heard the Money Pit story from him. An article from The Colonist dated January 2, 1864, refers to 'the late Simeon Lynds' as a relative of Vaughan's father, who was let into the Money Pit secret because of his family ties with the Vaughans.

They noticed that the water in the flooded shafts rose and fell a foot or two as the tides came The Truro Company's Attempt in 1849 43 and went around the island. " The clay was very hard, practically impermeable. Few men knew better than those rugged old Truro diggers just how hard the going really was. They argued that if a natural waterway or underground stream ran from deep in the Money Pit to the Atlantic Ocean it would have prevented the original workers from completing their design. In addition, the impermeable clay through which the shaft had been sunk made such a natural watercourse very improbable.

At the ninetyeight-foot level those probes struck something impenetrably hard which extended from one side of the Money Pit to the other. Water and darkness were now posing such serious problems that the Onslow men decided to resume their search at first light: it turned out to be a life-saving decision. First light brought a grim disappointment: the Money Pit was over sixty feet deep in water. One account relates that as they gathered round the opening, an unlucky member of the expedition slipped into the flooded shaft, only to splutter to the surface shouting that the water tasted of salt.

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