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By J. Gabriel Gates

A chilling and masterfully crafted youngster horror novel certain to continue the pages turning, the brain reeling, and the lamp on any reader's bedside desk on lengthy after hour of darkness. Privileged and well known Caleb Mason is celebrating his highschool commencement while he gets a mysterious, hectic letter from his long-lost youth playmate, Christine. Caleb and his jokester good friend Bean choose to commute to his tiny place of origin of Hudsonville, Florida, to discover her. Upon arrival, they realize town has taken a frightening flip for the more serious. Caleb's early life house is deserted and his father has disappeared. teenagers are going lacking. The previous insane asylum has reopened, and Christine is locked within. Her mom, a witch, is ate up with insanity, and Christine's long-dead dual sister whispers clues to Caleb during the static of an a.m. radio. The terrifying prophesies of the spirits are coming to go. 16 clocks are ticking; sixty-six murdered souls will lead to the top of the area. As Caleb peels again layer after layer of poser, he uncovers a fact extra terrible than whatever he had imagined, a fact which could simply be uttered through the lips of the lifeless.

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Maybe I’ll even get lucky and my parents will die in a plane crash or something and I’ll inherit the pad after that. ” asks Dan, a guy from Caleb’s track team. “Oh, don’t get him started,” Bean says. “This guy is going to go live in elephant dung for six weeks, then die of malaria, probably. ” “I’m going to Africa to write about the AIDS crisis,” Caleb says. “Everybody says if I can write a good piece and get it published, with my grades and everything I should be able to get into any school in the country.

The plane had hit a tiny bit of turbulence on the way to land, and Bean had started freaking out. It was funny to Caleb, who had never seen that side of his friend, but Bean had recovered quickly and had spent the rest of the landing in macho talk about how they should kick the pilot’s ass and sue the airline and use the money to buy a giant RV so they could travel the country in real comfort and never have to fly again. All through his tirade his eyes were big and scared, and a sheen of sweat sparkled on his forehead, giving him away.

Even now, as he’s going through the motions of life, performing all these normal actions, the fear still aches in his bones. He acts like he’s ignoring it, but he cannot. He crosses back down the hall, listening intently for some familiar sound—the chopping of vegetables for dinner, the mindless, chattering drone of the TV, the moan of the garage door as one of the parents makes an early appearance home from work. There are no sounds. The ache in his bones won’t stop. He can’t shake the dream. Hell, maybe he’s still asleep; maybe this is just another hallway in the labyrinth of his subconscious.

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