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By Mirjam de Bruijn, Rijk van Dijk, M. de Bruijn, R. van Dijk

The fast raise in adoption of contemporary 'connective' applied sciences just like the cellphone has reshaped the social panorama of Africa. This ebook examines the myriad probabilities that the post-global second deals African societies to increase and to narrate, providing profound new insights into the procedures of globalization.

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The connections perspective leads to an increased understanding of the multilayered nature of concepts such as social capital, class formation, and processes of social positioning. The linkages that form part of the relations of trust, reciprocity, and associational life that are studied under the concept of social capital can be seen to be active at different levels at the same time. Also, the introduction of new moralities and social bonds that become activated in unexpected ways or sudden discontinuities and disempowerments can be understood from questions about what happens if connections cannot be mobilized at all levels?

By discussing the use of mobile phones in rural Rwanda, she demonstrates the effect that the availability of telephone connections has had on kinship networks. These connections appear to have the power to control and shape networks in a particular fashion and kinship relations, particularly distant ones are becoming much more present in day-to-day affairs. People are finding this advantageous in some cases while in others it can be detrimental. She argues that for a better understanding of the power dynamics in the “new” Rwanda, research should refocus its orientation toward these rapidly changing connections.

But as the Rwandan saying goes, “Only the maker of the drum knows its contents,” only the king knows the secret of his power. Territory and Connectivity According to local views, territoriality was defined by the extension of ritual practices of two orders: practices binding lineages to their ancestors and land and practices legitimizing central power. Paying tribute to the king, a token of allegiance that could fluctuate with political domination, had overtones of loyalty fitting with cultural practices spread beyond current political borders.

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