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Brian Bond writes with blinders on. His revised version has corrected blunders in numbers of casualties, within the Vietnam warfare, for example. he's adept at taking snippet prices of, say, historian John Keegan, and turning it right into a whitewashed revisionist place. Keegan, for example, didn't say that the easiest army leaders happened through the nice struggle, as Bond implies. Bond is, in spite of everything, one of many new revisionist historians, who, regardless of displaying a few benefit in interpreting a few of the tv and picture interpretations of the nice struggle, whines on continuously concerning the excessive ethical management of the inept and self-righteous Alexander Haig, when undercutting extra severe research/historians who've collected the proof and offered them in a methodical means. Bond's a hundred and one web page diatribe (I disregard his five web page self-congratulation in being a part of the Lees Knowles Lectures, which has not anything whatever to do with the most thesis of his e-book) of glossed-over proof, and bad learn, is instantly learn and poorly researched. do not waste a while or cash. he's the archetype of revisionist heritage.

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As for the ‘Q’ or administrative staff, it is fair to say that they did an excellent job in feeding, supplying, training and providing medical care for this vast army.  Britain’s unprecedented national war effort was widely appreciated in the hour of victory, as we should expect, since nearly every family in the land had contributed to it, but it was later to be downplayed and even forgotten as the disappointing results of the conflict were applied retrospectively to the war itself. In recent decades (as I shall discuss more fully in the final chapter) military historians have stressed the positive achievements of the ‘nation in arms’ and, in the operational sphere, broadly accept the notion of a ‘learning curve’.

Liddell Hart, more especially, advanced the seductive theories that Britain could and should have avoided total commitment to mass continental warfare, and that Germany had been defeated by      the naval blockade and internal collapse rather than by the wasteful attrition on the Western Front. He abetted Churchill’s case that a strategy of indirect approach, which was attempted and failed tragically at the Dardanelles, was the correct course for Britain. Additionally he helped to focus attention on the Palestine campaign and the romantic exploits of T.

The idea of sacrifice in a just cause did not collapse into cynicism for the war generation.  Except as regards the quality and potential of upper- and middle-class officers who suffered disproportionate casualties, the notion of a ‘lost generation’ was exaggerated. But the social and cultural effects were profound and enduring. For example, more than half a million of those who died were aged under , and about  per cent of the fatalities came from the working class.  Scarcely had the guns stopped firing than tourists began to visit the gruesome makeshift cemeteries, gradually to be transformed into beautiful and deeply moving religious sites resembling English gardens.

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