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By Steven B. Leder, Paul D. Neubauer

This textual content is a competent, established, anatomically outlined, and image-based software to figure out residue position and severity while appearing fiberoptic endoscopic evaluate of swallowing (FEES). dependent upon learn through Drs. Leder and Neubauer, an simply interpreted, effectively discovered, and hierarchically prepared pharyngeal residue severity ranking scale was once built for speech-language pathologists, otolaryngologists, and different healthiness care execs who practice and interpret charges. The Yale Pharyngeal Residue Severity score Scale works both good for any swallow of curiosity, if it is the 1st, next clearing, or final swallow. The endoscopist easily has to compare their selected swallow with its scale mate.
The Yale Pharyngeal Residue Severity ranking Scale can be utilized for either scientific merits and examine possibilities. Clinically, clinicians can now appropriately classify vallecula and pyriform sinus residue severity as none, hint, gentle, average, or critical for diagnostic reasons, decision of useful healing switch, and unique dissemination of shared details. study makes use of comprise monitoring results for medical trials, investigating numerous swallowing interventions, demonstrating efficacy of particular interventions to lessen pharyngeal residue, picking morbidity and mortality linked to pharyngeal residue in numerous sufferer populations, and enhancing the educational and accuracy of charges interpretation by means of scholars and clinicians. The Yale Pharyngeal Residue Severity score Scale is a vital addition to the deglutologist’s device box.

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24 Chapter 2. 7 Posterior view of the upper aerodigestive tract (From Gray [6]) As the food bolus enters the pharynx, the stylopharyngeus elevates and widens the pharynx due to the relative lateral location of the styloid process compared the insertion at the pharyngeal musculature and thyroid cartilage. Simultaneously, the base of the tongue and larynx are drawn anteriorly and superiorly which increases the anteroposterior diameter. 8 The constrictor muscles (From Gray [6]) 25 26 Chapter 2. Embryology and Anatomy of the Oral Cavity contract to aid propulsion of the bolus toward the upper esophageal sphincter and esophagus [6].

3 years, range 2–27 years). Raters were grouped by years of FEES experience and training status. 4 years, range 5–27 years). Training was done once, with random assignment of 10 raters to receive and 10 raters not to receive pre-rating training in determining vallecula and pyriform sinus pharyngeal residue severity ratings. Training included written definitions, visual depictions, verbal explanations, and clarifying questions/answers of the severity ratings. No training was limited to only written definitions and visual depictions of the severity ratings.

5). The masseter originates from the zygoma and zygomatic process of the maxilla and inserts on the lateral mandible at the angle, and it contracts to elevate the mandible. The medial pterygoid inserts on the medial surface of the angle of the mandible and originates from the medial side of the lateral pterygoid plate and also elevates the jaw. Lastly, the lateral pterygoid originates in the lateral side of 22 Chapter 2. 6 Medial and lateral pterygoid muscles (From Gray [6]) the lateral pterygoid plate and inserts below the condyle of the mandible and is responsible for depressing and protracting the mandible to open the mouth (Fig.

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